Intensive Poultry Developments

Intensive Poultry Developments

Radnorshire and Montgomeryshire, and Herefordshire on the other side of the border, are currently experiencing a surge in applications for intensive poultry units. The density of these developments has reached a level unmatched in Europe. CPRW Brecon and Radnor Branch have concerns that these are sometimes being permitted without adequate examination of the impacts, either individually or in cumulation, on our environment, landscape and residential amenity.

We are aware that concern at the environmental cost of the proliferation of these developments is shared by the Wye and Usk Foundation, Radnorshire Wildlife Trust and Herefordshire Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE).

We fully understand the importance of diversification projects to our farmers, but it cannot be acceptable for our regulators and decision makers to permit development which will lead to serious and lasting environmental damage. We are currently discussing these issues with both Natural Resources Wales and Powys County Council.

We have prepared a cumulative map showing poultry developments in Radnorshire and Montgomeryshire since 2011. This map shows the locations of Chicken Sheds in Powys where either Consent has been given or the application is In Planning and is based on information publicly available on the Powys planning portal. We have also prepared some further maps, including an animated map, and some detailed analysis which may be found here. We have prepared the maps in good faith but they are obviously reliant on the accuracy of the source data (and our own errors!). Please notify us of any errors or omissions.

We also prepare a spreadsheet of all applications which have appeared on Powys Planning weekly list since 22nd June 2015. This spreadsheet (data as at 8th November 2017) is available to download as a PDF here. (The latest spreadsheet for the cumulative map linked to above is not yet available for download.)

We also now have a PETITION to the Welsh Assembly to urge the Welsh Government to take long-term strategic action to ensure that the poultry product industry is environmentally sustainable. Please sign our petition. You can find it here. Thank you.

Download a brief summary of our Ponds, Rivers and Poultry seminar (held at Llanigon Village Hall on 29th October 2016) here.