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CPRW Brecon and Radnor Branch AGM 6th July 2017

CPRW Brecon and Radnor Branch AGM 6th July 2017

CPRW Brecon and Radnor Branch

2017 Annual General Meeting

2pm Thursday 6thJuly 2017

The Village Hall, Howey


Please do join us for the Branch AGM. The agenda is set out below and linked here. Minutes of the 2016 AGM are linked here.


1. Chairman’s welcome and statement

2. Apologies for absence

3. Minutes of 2016 Annual General Meeting

4. Matters arising from the minutes

5. Chairman’s report.

6. Financial report and adoption of accounts. Treasurer

7. Election of officers and committee members

a) Retirement of Chairman. Peter Seaman has given notice of his retirement. Jonathan Colchester has expressed a willingness to stand for Chair. Other candidates for this position are very welcome.

b) We welcome new committee members to help us in our interesting and important work.

8. Any other business


URGENT: Threat to Welsh Designated Landscapes – Debate Tuesday 6th June

URGENT: Threat to Welsh Designated Landscapes – Debate Tuesday 6th June

CPRW Brecon & Radnor Branch have learnt that  the review of Welsh designated landscapes called “Future Landscapes, Delivering for Wales” will be discussed in the Senedd on Tuesday 6th June.

We are deeply concerned for Brecon Beacons National Park, most of which lies in our area, but  also for the two other National Parks in Wales: Snowdonia and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and also Welsh Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

The Welsh Government plans to create new legislation regarding National Parks and  AONBs in Wales. The Future Landscapes Wales (FLW) Report proposals could see the Welsh National Parks’ status change to Protected Landscapes (as defined by the IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature), which is a lower protected status.

This would mean that it would change the legal framework for the Welsh National Parks to prioritise development of tourism, economic development and renewable energy, at the expense of the Parks’ existing status as bastions of unspoilt nature. Although all the above can be regarded as worthy objectives, in this instance it would be at the cost of protected landscapes and the quiet enjoyment for which national parks were originally established, and could have a serious impact on nature and wildlife in the areas.

Furthermore, the FLW Report sidelines the Sandford Principle, a key part of the legal framework for UK National Parks, which asserts the primacy of Conservation issues in cases of conflict of interest.

We are asking you to a) email your Assembly Member urgently to tell them that you would like them to support the Plaid Cymru amendments for the debate, which are:
1. Add as new point 3 and renumber accordingly:
Regrets that the report does not deal with the Sandford Principle as set out in the Environment Act 1995. [Environment Act 1995]
2. Add as new point at end of motion:
Believes that any change in the legislation governing National Parks should be taken through the Assembly as primary legislation.”

and b) to ask your Assembly Member (see below for contact details) to help to:
•             defend the proper protection and management of, and resources for, the National Parks and AONBs;
•             ensure that conservation and quiet enjoyment of the special qualities of the designated areas remain central to their purposes;
•             ensure that the Sandford principle is retained to secure their protection from inappropriate development;
•             hold a full public consultation before making any changes to the purposes of National Parks or AONBs

Please do this as soon as you get this message. The debate is tomorrow! Thank you.

With best wishes from Brecon and Radnor Branch, Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales.

Our Assembly Members:
Brecon and Radnorshire:

Mid and West Wales Region:

Powys LDP – Update #7– 3/6/2017

Powys LDP – Update #7– 3/6/2017

Hearing Statements for Renewable Energy Hearing Session 15


Statements should address the Inspector’s questions in the Matters & Issues Agenda linked here.

Eligibility to submit a Hearing Statement:

We have done our best to clarify who is eligible to submit a Hearing Statement, but we are still confused. The Programme Officer’s email to us on Thursday 25th May said:

To clarify, please note that the statements deadline of 5 June 2017 is specifically for participants of the Renewable Energy Session 15 submitting a written statement, although the Inspector will accept statements from representors who made relevant representations during the FFC consultation on renewable energy, but are unable to participate in the session.”

This advice is not quite the same as previous advice the Program Officer has given to a CPRW member or as current advice on the website.  The newest version says that those who submitted valid responses to the FFCs can put in a statement for Session 15 but we do not know what counts as being “unable to participate in the sesssion”.

Everyone will have a chance to comment on the Matters Arising Changes which will be the changes to the LDP (since the Further Focussed Changes)  arising out of the Examination.  These MACs will be the subject of a final additional Hearing Session on Friday July 21st and some time after that the Inspector will open a 6 week public consultation period on the finished MACs.

For further advice, contact the Programme Officer, Tracey Smith   Telephone 07919396609

Postal Address: LDP Programme Office, Room 12, The Gwalia, Ithon Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 6AA

If you think you are eligible to submit a Hearing Statement, your submission material should be arranged to address one or more questions in the Inspector’s Matters and Issues Agenda for the Hearing Session15 (attached).

Your Hearing Statements will need to be submitted to Tracey Smith before Monday  5.00pm on 5th June, by email. Also, three paper copies on A4 with punched holes must be sent, or delivered, to Tracey Smith by the next day.  All versions must have the representor number allocated to you when you submitted your FFC response and there is a 3,000 word limit.

Hearing Statement Guidance nation/Exan_Docs/ED023_Guidance_Notes_20.12.16.pdf>


We understand some of those who put their names down to participate in the Renewable Energy Hearings  when responding to Further Focussed Changes have been contacted and asked to confirm their attendance. Others have not. The current list of confirmed participants emailed to us by the Program Officer is much reduced.  If you are not on the list and have not told Tracey Smith that you want to withdraw, we recommend that you contact her as soon as possible (contact details above).

PROGRAMME OFFICER’S CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS FOR SESSION 15 Rep ID Representor Name (Agent)      436      Aberedw Community Council   505      Llansantffraid and Deytheur C C          521      Old Radnor Community Council           1084    Welsh Government      1519/6235       CPRW  3331    Mrs Jean Lee-Tappin   4349    Cambrian Mountains Society    6859    Environment Information Services       5839    Conservation of Upland Powys            5963    Brett Kibble      6160    Ms Sarah Bond            6459    Miss M L Flanders       6507    Mr Albert Bryan McCann          6533    Richard Martin 6547    Michael Pace   6584    Mr B S Crawford          6590    William Wilson  6615    Peter Wright    6626    Del Ellis            6639    Rosemary Watton        6727    Carol Jarrett     131      New Radnor Community Council  (Nigel Dodman – 6816)


Please note that we have been informed that venue for the Hearing Session 15 has been changed to: New Life Church, Spa Road East, Llandrindod LD1 5ES

The Program Officer has informed CPRW that the Session starts at 10.00am and may be completed on June 27th  but it could run over to June 28th.

4.NEW RENEWABLE ENERGY EVIDENCE AND POWYS’ PROPOSED RE POLICY Just to remind you that this can be found on this link