Our rivers are failing.

Befriend your local river and join us to use people-power to understand what is happening and what we can do to save the Lugg and Upper Wye.

River Lugg, a tributary of the Wye, near Presteigne. Photo: Gareth Rees Roberts

Natural Resources Wales (NRW), the Welsh Agency responsible for our natural environment and rivers, reviewed their water monitoring data last year and discovered that over 60% of all the Welsh rivers designated as Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) were failing. This includes the River Wye and its Welsh tributaries. NRW did not include the river Lugg because it is only designated as an SAC downstream in Herefordshire, but we know the welsh Lugg is suffering the same pressures as the rest of the Wye rivers.

Cardiff University is offering support to a CITIZEN SCIENCE project to monitor water quality in the Wye catchment (the area where all watercourses eventually drain into the Wye) over the next year. An experienced and enthusiastic scientific team is acting as an umbrella organisation for local groups to get to know their rivers by organising their own monitoring and sharing the results. Cardiff University will help with training materials and scientific support. This is a golden opportunity to join a collaborative effort to find out what is happening to the whole Wye in both England and Wales.

BRECON AND RADNOR CPRW is teaming up with RADNORSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST to organise monitoring of the Lugg streams and rivers. This work will complement the monitoring already planned by the FRIENDS OF THE UPPER WYE, which will monitor the main Wye and its tributaries. Between us, we will cover the whole Wye catchment in Powys (the area bordered in orange in the map below).

We need people to monitor throughout the welsh Lugg rivers, and also people to help with organisation and to support the citizen scientists with data entry.

If you live in the Powys Lugg catchment and would like to take part in this project, please contact with heading “Friends of Lugg”.

If you want to help but live in the Powys Upper Wye catchment please contact “Friends of the Upper Wye” via their Website