Powys LDP Examination – The Process

Powys LDP Examination – The Process


Examination = whole process from submission in December 2015 until Inspector’s Report delivered to PCC.

The examination is all about “Soundness” & the Inspector will decide:

  • Does the plan fit other national plans and is it internally consistent?
  • Is the plan appropriate for the area in light of evidence?
  • Will it deliver? / be effective in achieving its aims?

Appointed: Welsh Planning Inspector (PIN) NICOLA GULLEY; Program Officer (Admin & Go-between) TRACEY SMITH

Next steps & when:

  1. Documents and Responses Submitted – soon, early December
  2. Possible Exploratory Meeting, if PIN has doubts re “soundness”, to decide how to proceed – PIN will decide
  3. Pre-Hearing Meeting, sets out main issues and what needs to be addressed in hearing – early February 2017
  4. Hearing, PCC & objectors (& their reps – optional) 3-4 days/wk, PIN directs flexible agenda of issues – late March to early May
  5. PIN writes binding report and it is checked before LDP adoption months – end 2017?


  • Welsh Government can interfere if the LDP conflicts with national policy.
  • Soundness of Further Focussed Changes could come up at any point between stage1 and end of 4.
  • PIN could suspend LDP for 6 months’ more work as happened earlier this year.
  • PIN could decide whole LDP cannot be made sound – have to start again from beginning.
  • PIN could decide some bits have to go – it’s not at all clear whether some Further Focussed Changes can be retained while ditching others.

This is our understanding of process from the sources below. (best sources *)

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